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Photography for me has been a journey throughout my life since a teenager. Struck by an interest in scenic images and creating my own modifiers of images in my original instamatic camera that was a Christmas gift. While I had some images appear in publications that I was associated with in early high school, my first professionally requested and published image was during my last yer in high school.

After that, my journey has meandered through gigs, part-time, a professional photography degree, full-time for major commercial studios and retail stores, eventually launching my own full-time commercial photography business and studio in Denver, Colorado. I have delivered thousands of jobs to major newspapers, national brand names, casinos, manufacturers, dept. of defense contractors, mom and pop businesses and individuals.

After a number of years away from professional photography, while pursuing other entrepreneurial interests, I returned a few years ago to my deep love for creating images for clients, for sale as well as sharing with others: 'For the Love of Photography'.

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